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Concentrate, focus, professional

About Us

Adhere to the whole heart to provide quality service to customers

Fuzhou Infoquay Technology Co., Ltd.

Fuzhou Infoquay Technology Co., Ltd (www.chemolaw.com, hereafter referred to as Infoquay) was established in 2017, registered capital of 5 million yuan. Infoquay located in Fuzhou, the central city of the economic zone on the west coast of the Strait. Infoquay are focus on R&D and manufacturing computer hardware & software, to provide users with quality, convenient information system integration solutions and services.

Infoquay is founded by excellent management, service and technical experts, committed to create one-stop intelligent solution for clients. Regarding the hardware, we focus on the development and customization of computer terminals, All in one PC, integrated workstations, industrial PC, embedded PC, OPS, NVR, tablet (PPC) , touch monitor, industrial CPU card, embedded motherboard and computer accessories and so on.About the software, develop the ERP system, cloud desktop system, cloud print system, Linux etc. as clients' requirements and assist clients develop related software.